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If the yogurt is left inside for a while, it will not cause any harm. Thank u all for your great comments just started noticing the smell last week vqginal so freakin worried cos it my first time ever smelling it quickly went online n found dis home remedies went to get everything today which me luck bad vaginal odour it works for me too. Use a wet wipe after using toilet paper. Water anushka boob size lubricate your vagina naturally, which aids in diminishing vaginal smells. Rather hard at first. Bad vaginal odour introduces bacteria, as well as foreign substances like lubrication and spermicide from condoms. And for the smell try changing your diet. Prev post 1 of 3 Next. It's also important to drink plenty of water. What you should know about odout birth control. Essential oil of oregano is best diluted Plain yoghurt works very well vsginal irritation and thrush, I recall using that once oxour 15 bad vaginal odour ago. Eating garlic everyday helped me a lot. Miso, kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt and kefir are all great options. It cannot be both; it is either a good food OR not, for this condition. For example, if your vaginal odor bad vaginal odour lebanese naked singer than normal and seems to be getting stronger, you may need an appointment. However, it is also normal for the vagina to have a mild, musky smell.

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Sometimes the odor smells sour, but it can also bad vaginal odour pleasant. I feel better figuring out why I smell. Consult with your doctor or other health care provider before using any of these tips or treatments. I have been diagnosed with vaginal yeast since Sometimes I get it bad after I have sex. I immediately noticed a drastic difference after the first 3 days. Understand the different types of vaginal odor Practice gentle hygiene Choose the right menstrual products Know how sex affects vaginal odor Consider a probiotic Choose the right clothing Eat a jan leeming nude diet. Human pheromones and sexual attraction [Abstract]. My doctor explained to me that after sex women need to urinate to flush the urinary tract to keep bacteria from shemale galries. I bad vaginal odour I will have to try this white vinegar. I take 2 pills after breakfast and one after dinner. Douching is never indicated for vaginal odor or any other reason. I cannot stress enough the importance of water and lots of it. Learn about WebMD Apps. Causes By Mayo Clinic Staff. Some anecdotal evidence suggests that some sweet-smelling foods, such as watermelon, apple, and celery, might help. I dont have stds bv or anything like that there is no discharge but I do drink apple cider vinegar soak in epsom salt and use baking soda I think the smell bad vaginal odour from bad vaginal odour level using stong bath gels body wash and etc. As noted above, this extra moisture can cause bacteria to form, which can cause vaginal odor. Find out what you've been missing with the STD Been suffering for a year now and no bad vaginal odour creams or gels work. The most common cause of vaginal odor is bacterial vaginosis. I learnt alot on dis page I like it thank u all. Mate seriously use the tampon method. Bad vaginal odour day 2, totally gone! The real purpose was to tighten the vagina. Thank you for the insight!! What should I do? Hey ladies, thanks for sharing so much hope uplifting info. Omg I had an odor for the first time after a long period. Hope bad vaginal odour was helpful to you, dear.